How To Stay Clean After Rehab after-rehab

Taking The Steps From Rehab Toward Living Normally

Achieving sobriety is definitely an accomplishment which is incredible. However, remaining sober is another challenge by itself. Identifying new activities to do will help a person keep away from the drugs.

In a controlled and supervised rehab centre, it is relatively easier to stay clean and get well.

It offers a safe and conducive environment to heal and recover from addiction.

Graduating from rehab can be very encouraging and light yet it also brings new challenges in maintaining the new found sobriety.

Fortunately, the help received to recognise temptations, which may be faced after leaving the rehab facility provides the education needed with the methods needed to avoid or manage these triggers. Staying sober after leaving the facility becomes easier because of the education.

Handling The Desires To Use When Out Of Rehab

The transition of moving from a supported environment back to normality can be a challenging task for an addict who has recovered.

One constantly gets more desires to use the drugs after they have left rehab.

Company of old acquaintances, being in the midst of old surroundings, and specific emotions might lure you into reaching out for the substance to which you were earlier addicted to.

Many things, like ones discussed ahead, help you dodge old temptations

  • Establish Positive Relationships and Support System
  • Keeping the right company, that want you to stay clean will help you in achieving a clean life after rehab.
  • Ensure you are part of a local support group on whom you can count for help.
  • Make Positive Changes To Your Lifestyle
  • Seek the help from friends or families to ensure that your home is sterilized from things that would remind or trigger your addiction tendencies.
  • Don't go near places which make you want to use the addicted substance again.
  • Commit To Realistic And Achievable Goals
  • It makes it less difficult to resist when enticed if there are objectives to follow.
  • One is bound to keep off the drugs if they have a plan for their future and will work to achieve it.
  • Don't Miss Group Or Personal Therapy Sessions
  • Make sure to complete all counselling sessions and any post-rehab appointments to keep you in check.
  • Help from doctors and rehabilitation centres are important to sustain abstinence although sometimes they seem like lots of stress and you might be tempted to skip.
  • Find a reason every day to be thankful for the accomplishment you have achieved.
  • It greatly helps to pay attention and be thankful even to the smallest positive things that you have.
  • Five circumstances that bring joy and satisfaction should be documented every passing day.
  • Engage In Positive New Activities And Improve the Old Ones
  • A study which has been published in the European Journal Of Social Psychology provides information that it can take in excess of two months before a fresh habit can become habitual, and therefore, you will be required to find a new and a positive habit which you enjoy and stay with it without exceptions.

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Join Clean Activities Rather Than Using Addictive Substances

Forming positive habits and participating in healthy activities to pass time are highly recommended forms of distraction.

Activities which promote sobriety do not have to be boring because there is plenty of fun, which can be had without the use of drugs and alcohol.

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Given below are a few examples providing you healthy methods to keep your mind occupied during the transition from rehab

  • Workout
  • Meditation
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Visit a shop for arts and crafts
  • Join online classes
  • Learn a new language
  • Take up farming
  • Volunteer work

Join Support Groups That Provide A Community Feel

After leaving the rehab, there are many support group that you can register with and continue being clean. Surround yourselves with these encouraging individuals by joining a support group, attending sessions of counselling and participating in activities, which allow you to meet other people.

There are also several avenues providing continuous care and support, like one-to-one therapy and 12-steps meetings.

The Possibility Of Going Out Without Relapsing

Temptations are easy to come by during the initial stages after a recovery has been completed, and individuals at this stage will be more vulnerable to succumb to temptation, therefore, it is best completely to avoid getting into situations when the temptations could be triggered. It will be difficult for newcomers completely to stop thinking about their old habits and therefore, the problem of resisting a temptation can be challenging.

However, there can be situations when some type of alcohol use will become inevitable [like for example a family holiday party] and they are certain steps which you can take that can ease the situation for you.

Social gatherings are tempting places but you can overcome it in the following ways

  • Try not to go alone; instead take someone who's close to you and who doesn't drink.
  • Only pick non-alcoholic beverages and keep them in your hands to keep you occupied.
  • Minimise the time you spend within the party by arriving late or leaving early.
  • The moment you feel your resolve is getting a little weaker, get out of the party immediately.

The Benefits Of Getting And Staying Off The Alcohol And Drugs

Health is one of the primary benefits to keep yourself clean and sober. Physical health benefits apart, there are many other reasons to stay clean. This include

  • Getting to meet new abstinent people
  • Enjoying your financial wealth
  • A clear and positive outlook
  • More energy to do things
  • Dressing nice and smart
  • Being a mentor for people that are also trying to stop the use of drugs

Of all the battles you might fight, overcoming alcohol or substances abuse might be the most difficult. It is a one step at a time undertaking It is one decision that you will need more time to achieve. Simply by making an effort to remain sober you will have acquired new strength by overcoming the problems that you thought you would not be able to achieve.

You must be willing to keep clean for you to be successful. Keep your focus on the ultimate prize of sobriety no matter what is thrown your way.